Realidades 2 Grammar
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Spanish 2 PowerPoint Grammar

Para Empezar

p. 3 Adjectives

p. 5 The Verb SER

p. 9 Present Tense of Regular Verbs

Tema 1-A


p. 27 Stem-Changing Verbs

p. 31 Affirmative and Negative Words

Tema 1-B

p. 43 The Verb IR

p. 53 Comparatives


p. 58 Hace + Time Expressions

Tema 2-A

p. 71 Verbs with Infinitives

p. 80 Reflexive Verbs

p. 86 SER vs. ESTAR

p. 88 Possessive Adjectives

Tema 2-B

p. 99 Cardinal Numbers

p. 110 Preterite of Regular Verbs

p. 114 Demonstrative Adjectives

p. 116 Using Adjectives as Nouns

Tema 3-A

p. 127 Telling Time

p. 138 Direct Object Pronouns

p. 140 Preterite of IR and SER

p. 142 Hacer, Tener, Poder, Estar

Tema 3-B

p. 155 SALIR, DECIR, and VENIR

p. 166 Direct Object Pronouns:  me, te, and nos

p. 168 Affirmative Tú Commands

p. 171 Present Progressive: Irregular Forms

Tema 4-A

p. 194 Imperfect Tense of Regular Verbs

p. 196 Imperfect Tense of Irregular Verbs

p. 199 Indirect Object Pronouns

Tema 4-B

p. 219 Imperfect Tense:  Describing a Situation

p. 224 Reciprocal Actions

Tema 5-A

p. 237 TENER and "¡Qué....!"

p. 248 Imperfect Tense:  Other Uses

p. 250 Oír, Creer, Leer, Destruir

Tema 5-B

p. 274 Venir, Poner, Decir, and Traer

p. 277 Imperfect Progressive and the Preterite

Tema 6-A

p. 291 Verbs like GUSTAR

p. 302 Preterite of -ir Stem-Changing Verbs

p. 305 Other Reflexive Verbs

Tema 6-B

p. 328 Verbs that Use Indirect Object Pronouns

p. 331 Present Perfect Tense

Tema 7-A

p. 345 Verbs with Irregular "yo" Forms

p. 356 Negative Tú Commands

p. 360 The Impersonal "se"

Tema 7-B

p. 382 Ud. and Uds. Commands

p. 386 Uses of "por"

Tema 8-A

p. 399 The Infinitive in Verbal Expressions

p. 410 The Present Subjunctive

p. 413 Irregular Subunctive Verbs

Tema 8-B

p. 434 Present Subjunctive with Impersonal Expressions

p. 437 Present Subjunctive of Stem-Changing Verbs

Tema 9-A

p. 449 The Present Tense with Spell Changes

p. 460 The Future Tense

p. 462 The Future Tense of Irregular Verbs

Tema 9-B

p. 484 Other Irregular Verbs in the Future Tense

p. 487 The Present Subjunctive with Doubt


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