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Great Internet Resources for the Foreign Language Teacher!

Resources Especially for Language Instructors

FLTEACH Home Page - This is a great list serve for teachers of all foreign's the best!!  Make sure that you select the "digest" version, otherwise you will receive 100's of emails every day from this list serve.

Scholastic Online - resources in different languages

National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center

Internet Resources for Language Teachers and Learners  *Go to teaching with the web

Several Foreign Language Links

The iLoveLanguages Page

National Capital Language Resource Center

"Trail Guide" of Foreign Language Classes - excellent units of practice for Spanish levels 1, 2, 3 and above!

Cultural Information

Search Engines in Various Countries

Foreign Language and Culture

Virtual Tourist - cultural info about countries around the world

Facts About Different Countries

WorldTime Interactive World Atlas

Yahooligans! - cultural information for kids and many topics about different countries

The Hall of Multiculturalism

E-Conflict - world encyclopedia and simulation, increasing cultural awareness

The History Net - world history information

National Geographic Online

Foreign Language Mosaic Home Page - all languages - info about countries

Discovery Channel

Newspapers Around the World

NEWSLINK - online newspapers around the world

Teaching Strategies

Teaching Tip of the Day - sharing teaching strategies and activities

Teachers Helping Teachers

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

Classroom Connect

Global SchoolNet Foundation

Teachers Net - Includes ways of incorporating the internet into your classroom

Education World

Education Week Teacher Magazine

Busy Teachers Web Site

Yahoo:  Education K-12

The Education Place

Reliable Research Online


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